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About Minga Peru

Minga Peru is an award-winning non-profit organization focused on serving indigenous communities in the heart of the beautiful and biodiverse Amazon rainforest in the buffer zone of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

Our work empowers women and their communities through leadership training, an inter-cultural radio program, and partnerships with grassroots & international organizations, local governments, and educational institutions to ensure that these communities have access to information and services related to human rights, health, conservation, and eco-friendly income generating projects.

Minga Tour


Minga Tour is an educational eco-tourism program focused on providing the adventure of experiencing and supporting social change in the Peruvian Amazon. Our program creates a space for a mutually beneficial and respectful experience between life-long learners, young & old, and the indigenous communities that we serve. We offer a limited amount of trips per year, which makes our selection process highly competitive.


You will learn how human rights, environmental conservation, and knowledge of basic healthcare define the mission of Minga Peru in the Peruvian Amazon— a region that is the most isolated and neglected. Minga Tour’s approach to social change will connect you and your fellow students/classmates face-to-face with local communities in order to share knowledge about the various cultures inhabiting the Amazon, and give an opportunity for students to listen to the personal stories of local women & youth— all, of course, while enjoying the amazing sights & sounds of the Amazon rainforest.

By participating in Minga Tour, you will help Minga Peru generate proceeds to help self-sustain our current programs in the Amazon, and also expand our support to more local communities.

Packages & Fees

Minga Tour offers 3 unique packages depending on your travel timeline, finances and desired destinations. Each trip ranges from 3 – 10 incredible days and includes destinations to our Tambo Minga training center in the Peruvian Amazon, and other historic sites in Lima & Cusco. Each trip is designed for participants 14+, and certain activities can be tailored to the special needs of each group. You will not only experience social change first-hand, but your contribution will provide Minga Peru with the resources to continue supporting communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

Package 1

Tambo Minga

4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS  |  PRICE:  $1,250

The Tambo Minga package is a perfect balance of adventure in the Amazon and a meaningful educational experience, all within 4 days and 3 nights. Throughout your time in the Amazon, we will visit the areas where Minga Peru operates in the Loreto region. We will visit the cities of Iquitos and Nauta, spend 2 days at “Tambo Minga” (Minga Peru’s residential training center located at the buffer zone of the magnificent Pacaya Samiria National Park), and visit a community on the Amazon that works directly with Minga Peru.  This short but sweet trip of a lifetime includes boat rides on the Marañón river, preparation of traditional Amazonian foods, and the opportunity to learn about indigenous communities’ culture, traditions, and issues that are affecting them through our activities and lectures.


Day 1 – Lima / Iquitos (Amazon)

Day 2 – Iquitos (Amazon)

Day 3 – Tambo Minga – Nauta (Amazon)

Day 4 – Nauta (Amazon) / Lima



Package 2

Lima – Tambo Minga

6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS  |  PRICE:  $1,895

Our Lima – Tambo Minga package offers participants a chance to experience the diversity and charm of two distinct regions in Peru.  During the first 2.5 days, you will visit Lima, the 5th largest city in Latin America, where we will visit historical and touristic areas of the city, explore one of its most famous museums (LUM) and of course, enjoy delicious Peruvian food (including ceviche, and if you’re adventurous enough, guinea pig). Then, we will travel to Iquitos to begin our journey in the Amazon. During the next 3.5 days, you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape as you travel down the Marañón river. This will be surpassed by meeting the wonderful local communities that we serve on the Amazon, and you will leave more knowledgeable about important issues regarding human rights, healthcare, and environmental stewardship.


Day 1 – Arrival to Lima

Day 2 – Lima

Day 3 – Lima / Iquitos (Amazon)

Day 4 – Iquitos / Tambo Minga – Nauta (Amazon)

Day 5 – Nauta & Local Community (Amazon)

Day 6 – Nauta (Amazon) / Lima



Package 3

Lima – Tambo Minga – Cusco

10 DAYS / 9 NIGHTS  |  PRICE:  $2,940

Our third more extensive package is great for participants that want to make the most of their time here in Peru.  You can’t go wrong with an educational experience in Lima, Tambo Minga, and Cusco! Similar to our second package, we start off in Lima by enjoying visits to several historical, educational, and cultural landmarks around the city.  For the second leg of the trip, you will be amazed by the beautiful landscape of the Amazon as you travel down the Marañón river by boat; you will be inspired by meeting communities that live on the Amazon river, and you will leave more knowledgeable about issues that affect these indigenous populations.  To conclude our trip, we will visit the old ancient capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco.  During our time here, you will experience a guided city tour, visit the Sacred Valley, and visit one of the seven modern world wonders, Machu Picchu.  After 10 exhilarating days, we will arrive into Lima on the evening of our 10th day, from there you can wait for your return flight home or continue your travels on your own.


Day 1 – Arrival to Lima

Day 2 – Lima

Day 3 – Lima / Iquitos (Amazon)

Day 4 – Iquitos / Tambo Minga – Nauta (Amazon)

Day 5 – Nauta & Local Community / Iquitos (Amazon)

Day 6 – Iquitos (Amazon) / Cusco

Day 7 – Cusco

Day 8 – Sacred Valley Tour and Travel to Aguas Calientes

Day 9 – Machu Picchu and return to Cusco

Day 10 – Depart Cusco and return to Lima




Moira Cary
SMU student

“This organization achievements are similar to my goals. Seeing how Minga is creating change from within, helping indigenous people and communities by building something together from the inside out, was an amazing and unforgettable experience.”

Darius Thomas
SMU student

“It was beautiful to see how Minga is empowering women in the Amazon and helping them to fight for their rights. And if you have a little spark of hope in you, I invite you to turn that spark into a huge fire only by visiting Minga. There’s no way you can leave this experience unchanged!”

Laura Wynne
SMU student

“I am beyond grateful to have spoken to indigenous Amazonian women and to have experienced a completely different culture. Through learning about and seeing the work Minga Peru does, I have had the opportunity to witness how passion can create incredible, positive change in many lives. By empowering women, equal rights are being created and everyone feels like they can make their own choices without fear of repercussions. Thank you Minga for teaching us that a small change can have a long-lasting ripple effect.”

Roxana Farokhnia
SMU student

“Meeting these women from the Peruvian Amazon made me realize how having access to education is empowering women and making possible that they can live in a healthy environment where they feel as equal as men, and also how education is changing the role dynamics in families and in the entire community. Thanks to Minga Peru, I was able to witness this and much more. It was an amazing experience!”



Invest in an unforgettable and meaningful educational experience in the Amazon with Minga Tour!

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Please, read Minga Tour’s Terms and Conditions, which are applicable for each of our trips.



Minga Peru would like to thank Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and the Southern Methodist University’s Embrey Human Rights Program for their continued partnership and contribution to this project.  Minga Tour offers long-term partnerships with universities, private schools, and high schools to create an educational and eco-friendly experience in the Peruvian Amazon for years to come!  For partnership opportunities, please email us at