Our Mission

mission, vision and values


Minga strengthens leaders, organizations, and social networks representing the most marginalized communities of Latin America and the Caribbean to collaboratively build social justice with gender equity, environmental stewardship and cultural identity.



We envision cohesive communities, thriving local and international networks, and government systems working collaboratively to advance human rights in ways that are inclusive, equitable, and protective of the environment.



We are rescuing the ancestral spirit of the Minga. “Minga” is a quechua word that means “when all community members work together in a project that benefits everyone”. This spirit is the heart of our institutional model.

“Desde Ellas” (From them) - We work in and from the amazon

We don’t impose models, mindsets, or external agendas. On the contrary, we always start from the perspective of women and communities. We learn from their struggles and gain inspiration and innovation to transform inequitable power relations into fairly ones.

We are Mirrors

Minga is a mirror in which people can see themselves with all of their beauty, dignity, talents and capacities that they couldn't see before.

The Power of Emotions for Healing us

While people may be aware of their rights, historical abuse has left many of them paralyzed with fear or shame. At Minga, we help to disarm these “false mental pistols”, replacing them with solid emotions, identity, and pride. The result is that people can reconnect with their true selves, and are able to create their own path to fulfill their potential.

Accompany with reciprocity and respect

Rather than just completing projects, Minga accompanies people and communities in a long-term process of mutual learning and empowerment. Minga is a bridge that facilitates connections with people and organizations from different cultures and countries to help manifest our collective vision.

We Use the Language of the People

Language contains great cultural richness and is a powerful way to understand life, but it can also be a tool for segregation and to point out differences in a negative way. Minga communicates proudly with everyday words and images.

Integrity and Care

We try to practice our values in all aspects of our life and work. We help both ourselves and others to find our own voices, develop our own different capacities, and value the contributions of each person.

our approach

Minga connects, educates and empowers people through its integrated approach to social change.


Create a space for a respectful encounter

Minga relates with community members as allies and strives to create spaces where there is mutual trust.  We do not work in a “top-down” way, but rather horizontally. No person or entity has the answers, instead, we are all engaging in a collective process where each person has something valuable to contribute.


Creative use of communications

Minga helps to uncover and express skills that have been repressed or neglected during the colonization and other disempowering processes. Partners recover the capacity to verbalize their dreams – without fear or guilt — and understand the limitations that have been preventing them from visualizing the changes they want for themselves, for their families, communities, and social movements.


Training for empowering

This helps us learn about our rights and how to exercise them individually and collectively.


Generate and mobilize local resources

Minga recognizes that we all have resources – in ourselves, in our community, culture, and environment – that can help communities to move forward and succeed. We help to identify local resources and people who join together to execute our right to a dignified life with access to health and education. Most importantly, we identify the resources that will allow sustainable development, protecting the environment and natural resources.


Share results of personal and resources growth

Everyone who participates in Minga programs – adult and youth promoters, authorities, radio correspondents, and others – is supported to share new knowledge and skills with their own networks, creating a “ripple effect” and building an authentic driving force for social change based on people.

areas of transformation

Whether working directly with women, youth and families, training social organizations, or partnering with government authorities or foundations, Minga facilitates collaboration to solve pressing social issues and create more equitable power relations for the long term.

Minga’s integrated approach combines communications for social change (such as edutainment programs through radio and smartphones), leadership training and coaching for emerging networks, and strategic alliances with government, private sector, and social organizations to ensure sustainability over the long term.

Minga uses an intercultural and constructivist methodology in all of its programs, maintaining a strategic emphasis on women’s leadership in human rights and community development initiatives in ever expanding circles of influence and systemic change. Rather than offer one-time workshops, Minga provides ongoing coaching and facilitates peer networks on local, regional, and international levels.

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