From the Czech Republic to the Peruvian Amazon, One Minga Volunteer Recounts Her Experience




I chose to volunteer with Minga instead of other organizations for many reasons: It has a proven record of positive impact in the community, it does incredible work on an international level, and it often partners with other organizations—I knew this would be high quality work. But most importantly, Miga’s mission of sustainable social change truly resonated with me and as a result, my experience has truly enriched my life both personally and professionally.


Being able to see how Minga works with women in their Promotoras Comunitarias program and has been a profound experience for me. The women in the program are strong and confident, taking what they’ve learned in the program back to their communities and sharing it with their neighbors. Through this experience, I’ve been able to see up close how Minga encourages and empowers women to find their voices and speak up about the challenges they face.




Replica of Workshop in the Community of Nuevo Mundo, Loreto.


Having the opportunity to travel to some of these communities was particularly special not only because I felt that  Minga trusted my ability to do good work but also because it allowed me to venture outside of my comfort zone—giving me the chance to develop my skills as a facilitator and motivating me to do my best.  And without even realizing it, I also began to feel more empowered and confident!  


Additionally, throughout my time volunteering, the Minga team always made me feel welcomed and supported.  Whether I was in the office or traveling out into the communities, I never felt alone and there was always someone there to lend a helping hand.  Having a supportive, united and organized team was an important aspect of my experience and allowed us to do our best work!




Cervical cancer prevention workshop.


Working with local people on a grassroots level has been an amazing honor and eye-opening experience. As a person from the person from the Czech Republic and as a European, I know my life has afforded me certain privileges. Being able to work with communities and people from a completely different background has allowed me to understand and appreciate the diversity of the world and different ways of life. In my opinion, everyone ought to experience something similar in order to live happily and ethically.


I would happily recommend volunteering with Minga to anyone who may be interested. In life, the things worth having or experiencing seldom come easy and even though it can be difficult at times, it’s well worth the effort! Volunteering with Minga, you’ll learn so much from working in the Peruvian Amazon and even more from the inspiring people who live there.




Hana supporting Minga\’s empowerment workshop.


Hana is a Czech student from the University of Palacky Olomouc who recently spent three months in the Loreto Region, volunteering with Minga by helping with the development of empowerment workshops for women community leaders as well as helping them to replicate those workshops in their communities. To date, Minga has successfully trained more than 1,200 community leaders. We have a diverse team of volunteers, like Hana, helping us to make a positive social impact in the Peruvian Amazon.


You can provide support to additional Amazonian women to empower them and create long-lasting changes in their communities by becoming a volunteer or donating to Minga Peru today.






** U.S. donations are tax-deductible and can be made through Minga’s fiscal sponsor, The Resource Foundation.



We are thankful to Help Peru, EMpower – The Emerging Markets FoundationLindblad Expeditions – National Geographic, The Ashmore Foundation and Friends of Minga Peru for their continuous support.






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